CashForClix Beta Phase and Welcome! 8/7/2020 1:59:43 PM

First welcome to everyone! Finally it's ready!

Who don't yet know anything about us, you can find a brief history about us from About Us page
As some our old members know, this site was quite long in making and has already quite a bit history. This site was mainly meant to step out of EvolutionScript era and have one site on another platform. Scripts are very different how they are built, meaning we can offer a lot more in this script than it may have been possible in EvolutionScript.
Although this one is very similarly set up to our other sites, then CashForClix will concentrate a bit more on direct referral earnings, as there are already technically many more direct referral earning options.

Now about the current process. Site is ready, but some of the features are still pending. Therefore we have beta phase first 30 days (you can see counter on home page). After 30 days we hope we have fixed all errors, all the features will be fully working.

Advertising prices are dynamic, means currently very low and more active users we get, prices will raise accordingly. Membership prices are discounted for the beta phase period: Pro $49.99 instead $79.99, Master $149.99 instead of $249.99 and Elite $499.99 instead of $699.99. Rented and direct referrals prices will be as are now.

We will have many new features as well on the site, but most of them will be added after the beta phase, when everything is running without problems.

*Direct referrals are available for sale, referral costs $1 and only referrals who have been clicking at least 10 ads in past week, will be sold.  And Buy Referrals page is not designed yet, sorry. Top button is to pay via Main Balance and bottom button to pay via Purchase balance. It will be designed in few weeks.

*Vacation mode is enabled, it gives you referral earnings even if you don't click previous day. Cost is $0.25 per day (we see later if we can also add a yearly pack what was asked)

*We are also working on one of our future key feature. Its called Achievements, where you have to reach some milestones or complete some tasks in order to unlock next achievement and get a reward for it. You can unlock your achievements yourself and also your direct and rented referrals can unlock some for you.
It will come out probably when beta phase ends (if we get all set by that time). We will be adding continuously new achievements there, so over all we aim hundreds of different achievements and no one should never run out of ones to complete.

*Static Login ads surfer will be installed this week.

* We are still working on Affiliate Network, which will have more than thousand offers/tasks/(daily)surveys. We keep adding new offers daily.

*Top earners and other top lists will have a option to mask your username if you don't want other to see it in top lists. Will be installed in beta phase.

*Since for some users it may be too early to decide if to upgrade account or not yet. We have enabled direct referral deletion (so you can delete inactive ones if you want). It will be active until the end of beta phase. After beta phase, it will cost $0.10 per referral.

*During the Beta Phase, we are fixing errors, adding new features, etc. Meaning we have to restart server to take effect, server restart takes site offline for 5-15 minutes, so if you should see site not functioning, just check back in few minutes. We try to make as few restarts as possible.

*Some offerwalls are currently On Hold/Pending by them to approve, means we will be adding them over the beta period. ClixWall, Wannads, Wannads Surveys, OfferToro are WORKING

* PerfectMoney, Payeer, BTC, LTC, DOGE deposits are working and instant. AirTM gateway will be introduced in script next version (in couple of months), meanwhile deposits are crediting with couple of hours delay! Withdraws work as should.



I will keep updating this post here throughout beta phase, so keep checking back here and try to enjoy our still quite basic site :)

PS! As site was designed firstly for GrandClick, then it still has many GrandClick details and design elements. Designers will make small changes over the beta phase and after, but overall layout will remain pretty much the same!

Have fun!

Michael & Lea