September/October 2020 9/6/2020 6:47:53 PM

Beta phase is over, everything went well, no errors, running stable.

Due the delays (in everything) we were not able to finish all the fixes and updates.

*We are currently waiting in queue to get Login ads, Achievements, some security features and TOP lists username masking to be installed

*Once we have got installed these, designers will come to design the new elements and go through the site for fixes and some mock up. (Scheduled after previous step and should be finished in late September/early October

*In September concentrate mostly on Achievements addon development and adding more offers to everyone.

* We will have referral contest, basically as soon as designers have fixed up everything and left. We may have some other contest along side of it (PTC or Offerwall contest probably)

* In October we plan to bring in some new earning options. Since "Videos" got unexpectedly huge amount of interest, we will be adding "Games" along side with it. It will work pretty much like Videos, so you have to play flash games (on site, no download) and will get credited for it every some minutes.

* I hope we can start testing our live chat system and few other social options for Lea. She should be back with you probably from October.

I will update this topic when we have some update or when I have more confirmed updates to share with you.

Although upgrade prices increased after beta phase, I decided not to set them on full price for the first year, so they still have little discount in it.

Meanwhile have fun, earn some money and let me know if anything wrong!