Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your minimum payout?

Its $2.00 for all the members and all the time!

2) How much costs to rent referrals?

You can rent referrals monthly (30 calendar days) to click for you.
The rental price for each referral per 30 days is: $0.20, no matter how many referrals you have. Using AutoPay you will save 10% ($0.006 per day per referral)

There's also discount if you extend them for more than 15 days:
15 days - 0%
30 days -5%
90 days -18%
150 days -25%
240 days -30%

3)  Can other people in my household join as well?

No! We allow only 1 account per household / IP / Computer. If there's more than 1 account, our system will ban BOTH accounts automatically. 

4) Can I use proxy on your site?

No! Proxies are forbidden in CashForClix.Com. System checks your IP upon signup and signin, your IP country must always match, otherwise you are not allowed to log in.

5) Can I use Autoclicker or any software?

No! You may only use browsers without any automated log in/clicking feature. As well as you are forbidden using any other programs/scripts along with the browser while accessing our sites. Anyone using forbidden programs/browsers on CashForClix.Com, on our other sites (GrandClick.Com/GrandMonopoly.Com/TheBuxer.Com or on our  "The Cheaters Network" partner sites, your account will be suspended permanently on all our sites, as well as you will be reported to "The Cheaters Network".

6) Can I use your site using phone or tablet?

Yes! You may use any device or any operating system!

7) Which payment processors you use?

We use AirTM, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

8) Money/Points per new direct referral

If you get new direct referral, your account will be credited with POINTS award instantly (check Upgrade page for amount of points). Once your referral earns at least $5, your account will be instantly credited with MONEY award (check Upgrade page for amount of money).

9) How I earn from watching videos?

Everyone can watch currently up to 100 videos per day.
If you have watched at least 3 minute video, you will be credited 1 point AND $0.0003 - $0.0015 (depending on your membership)
You dont have to watch videos which are on front page by default, you can search any video you like. They do have quite wide selection.